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Forget playing with toy bikes – 4-year-old Jaydin Smart has a motorbike of his very own!

Raised in the world of motocross by his biker parents Joceyln and Patrick Smart, little Jaydin is already giving the adult competitors a run for their money.

After getting a push bike for his first birthday, Jaydin soon graduated to a motocross bike by the time he was two.

Patrick explains, ‘I knew Jaydin was ready to start riding before he was 1 year old. Because if he saw a motorcycle or a bicycle he would try to jump on it, he was making the noises and playing with the bikes. He just had an unbelievable love for the sport at a very young age.’

‘His advancement was unreal, as he was jumping, whipping, hitting berms and hill climbing in a very short time. By the time he was two years and four months, he was already riding a little bike to its full potential.’

Joceyln adds, ‘he just always bugged us to ride, it was never something we had to ask him.’


‘It’s a full time gig, letting him ride. It’s like his job, he at least gets 30 hours a week it seems like on his bike.’

Motocross-obsessed Jaydin rides every single day on his family’s racetracks. And, on the rare occasions that he isn’t training, you can find him picking up tips from professional riders on TV.

Proud dad Patrick says, ‘I absolutely think that Jaydin has the talent to become a professional. He watched pros on TV all the time and I’ve actually seen him visually watching the TV and trying to do the moves on the couch. He’s really dedicated.’

But despite insisting that they always put Jaydin’s safety first, Joceyln and Patrick have been forced to defend themselves against critics online.

Patrick says, ‘I’ve dealt with a little bit of criticism, mostly on social media from people we don’t know who feel it’s an unsafe sport.’

‘There’s a lot of things that are unsafe in life and honestly Jaydin is yet to be injured on a motorcycle.’

Now, aged 4, Jaydin is finally old enough to start racing properly, and has set his sights on a cabinet full of medals and trophies!

Joceyln says, ‘Jaydin is so excited to start competing and racing – it’s all he talks about! He just wants to go and ride.’

‘It’s all about that trophy for him!’

Watch the video above to see him in action.