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47-year-old New Yorker Jared Rosenthal is on a mission to make DNA testing available to everyone – with the help of his eye-catching van!

He launched his Who’s Your Daddy mobile DNA testing service back in 2010, and has been helping the community ever since. It’s more of a passion than a business to Jared, as he understands just how life changing a DNA test can be.


He explains, ‘it can be either amazing, like you finally found your long-lost brother, or it can be devastating, like you find out your wife cheated on you.’

‘This is a test whose outcome affects your identity. It’s more than a business transaction, I mean, you’re dealing with people’s lives.’

Jared first started up his business after losing his job.

‘I had a job where I has 400 staff, I had a fleet of trucks, we had 65 vehicles and 20 trucks. It was an amazing job but I cursed at my boss one day, ended up out on the street with a few dollars in my pocket, bought an RV and everything changed for me when I went out on my own. That’s really when I took hold of my own life.’


Because of the emotional nature of DNA testing, Jared is always careful to treat his clients with a huge amount of respect.

‘People come to me in vulnerable moments and just listening can make a huge difference. It’s a life changing moment and you remember that person that was there and you remember – were they judgemental? Were they kind? Were they caring? Were they trying to empathise with you? I take that stuff very seriously. That’s why I love what I do.’


Aside from the emotional support he provides, the most important thing for Jared is to make DNA testing available to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

‘I could say for sure we’ve tested people from every single walk of life. Rich people, poor people – I did a guy in a town house, the guy owned the whole thing on the Upper East Side, probably a $10,000 house.’


‘DNA tests are not an ethnic issue, it’s not a cultural issue, it’s a human issue.’

‘It’s every neighbourhood. That’s why the truck has wheels, I go to every neighbourhood in New York City.’

Keep up the good work, Jared!