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He might not look it – but 18-year-old Abhishek Choubey is seriously strong! The teen has a very unique skill, which means he is able to pull incredibly heavy objects using just his shoulder blades.

‘From my childhood, I noticed that I could control my shoulder blades and can take them out so I started pulling chairs with small children sitting on them. And then after that I thought it can be taken further so I pulled a bike at first and then I tied another bike to that bike and pulled both of them together. After that I pulled three then four bikes together.’


After noticing his talents, Abhishek’s dad Kumar made him a special wooden block to place between his shoulder blades to allow him to pull objects more easily. And since this Abhishek hasn’t held back – even pulling a car behind him!

He might make it look easy, but so far no one has been able to match Abhishek’s incredible skills.

‘The heaviest vehicles till now that I have pulled with my shoulder blades, no-one in the whole world had done it before.’


‘My friends sometimes try to copy me but they can’t do it.’

Abhishek’s amazing strength has not only attracted the attention of the locals, but also TV stations around the world.

‘I have also done shows on Sony TV and I have also visited other shows.’

Now, he’s hoping to become a world record breaker!

‘I recently attempted a Guinness world record on 4th September. I pulled a 1070kg Hyundai for 27.5 metres. And the minimum requirements of the Guinness world record was to pull a 900kg car for 10 metres. But I pulled a 1070kg car.’


Abhishek is still waiting to hear if he has achieved the world record, but the future looks great for this super strong teen!

‘In future my target is to get my name registered in Guinness World Records.’

Good luck!