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Damien Walters is a 27-year-old professional gymnast from Derby, who has discovered possibly the most impressive way to strip off.

Damien has grown up to be one of the UK’s leading champions of the French art of parkour, also known as free running.

But now he’s become known for his ability to get his kit off in the middle of gymnastic routines.

The mind-boggling video shows Damien performing seven head-first somersaults and removing his top and trousers before reaching the mat at the end, leaving him in only his boxers.

Stripping man Damien discovered his unique and dangerous talent by accident while performing in front of his peers.

‘I must have had a loose pair of gym bottoms on when I launched into my tumbling routines, and much to my embarrassment they fell down!’ laughs Damien.

Despite a quick blush, he soon saw the potential in what he’d just done.

He kept trying, and was eventually able to get rid of his t-shirt as well, and now he’s got one heck of a party piece.

Maybe he should start appearing at hen nights!


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