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Super-size Natalie Werrett loathed her 24st bulk – that is, until she met hubby Liam, and now she’s flashing the flab.

The curvaceous 30-year-old was pressured by friends, family and boyfriends to attempt a stream of fad diets to lose weight – which left her miserable and unhappy in her own skin.

But since meeting husband Liam, 29, she’s learned to love her bountiful body, and is inspiring other Super-Sized Big Beautiful Women (SSBBWs) by posting her seductive modelling photos online.

Natalie poses for her fat-admiring fans

Natalie poses for her fat-admiring fans

Natalie, from Norfolk, was bullied at school for being too big to fit in the standard school uniform.

‘I’ve been overweight since I was 5 years old, I was always a chunky child,’ says Natalie. ‘I’d eat almost anything and I just kept on getting bigger.’

As she got older, Natalie tried a series of different diets, and even diet pills, in a desperate attempt to shed her flab.

‘I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’ve tried Slimming World, I’ve tried diet pills, I joined a gym,’ says Natalie.

‘My family used to tell me, “You need to do this diet.”  They thought it was encouraging – but as a teenager it made me very unhappy.’

The self-conscious brunette continued to get heavier – and her self-hatred came to a head when a boyfriend called her ‘fat and disgusting’.

But Natalie’s life was transformed when she met now husband Liam nine years ago.

Liam, who worked as a groundskeeper at the RAF base where Natalie worked at the nursery, was instantly attracted to her fuller figure.

Liam can't get enough of Natalie's fuller figure

Hubby Liam can’t get enough of Natalie’s fuller figure

‘My husband loves me how I am and he tells me I’m beautiful,’ she says. ‘He loves my curves and he adores me – he restored me to my happy self and helped me build my confidence back up. It was like having a whole new life.’

The couple, now married with daughter Megan, 7, work together to promote Natalie’s big, beautiful body – Liam acting as photographer in the saucy photo shoots they stage at their home.

The modelling shots appear on sites dedicated to big beautiful women in the United States and on Natalie’s fat-loving social media pages.

‘Liam’s always had an appreciation for plus-size women and he introduced me into the super-size world,’ says Natalie. ‘I just do it to encourage bigger women to come out and embrace themselves – there are lovely people out there of all kinds of shapes and sizes.’

Liam, who loves taking saucy snaps of his wife to post online, says: ‘I have always liked bigger girls, there is just something personality wise about a plus size girl that is refreshing.

‘If she got bigger I wouldn’t be unhappy, I do like big girls, I have always liked big girls and I could look at somebody who is 40st and I would think they were gorgeous.

‘The first time we met I thought she was beautiful and I couldn’t take my eyes off her,’ continues Liam. ‘Natalie enjoys it if other people can look up to her and get something out of it. They see her and think “I can be big and beautiful”, “I can be happy”, and she is just passing that message on effectively and I stand by her through that to the end.’

At over 24st, Natalie is currently the heaviest she has ever been.

‘If I was at home I’d probably snack most of the day,’ she explains of her eating habits. ‘I’d eat some toast then biscuits, some chocolate, some crisps ands breadsticks. Sometimes I like to eat minted lamb on its own, and I love jam doughnuts.’

But Natalie insists she would never get big enough to cause health problems, and goes swimming twice a week with daughter Megan to keep healthy.

Natalie's determined to give her daughter a healthy lifestyle

Natalie’s determined to give her daughter a healthy lifestyle

‘If the doctor told me my life was at risk, I would cut back on what I eat, but until then I’m going with how I am now,’ she says.

For now Natalie is set to continue celebrating her curves and sharing her body confidence message online.

‘If you asked me to go on a diet now I’d just say no,’ says Natalie. ‘You couldn’t pay me enough money to go on one.’