Body shockers 60 videos

The so-called ‘Snake Boy’ from Maharashta in India is hypermobile, meaning that his joints bend way more easily than others. The condition is normally inherited, but as Aditya has never been to see a doctor, the exact cause of his extreme flexibility is still unknown.

He is really proud of his amazing contortion skills, and his mum Pranali says he loves showing them off.


‘When he is with his friends he shows off some of his skills, everybody looks at him in shock and says, “how can you do that? We can’t even try to.” They really enjoy watching him.’

Keen to make the most of his special skill, Aditya has been training with his coach Mangesh Kopker for the past eight years. Despite training 20 to 30 children in his academy, proud coach Mangesh boasts that ‘no one is as flexible as Aditya’ and is keen to help him achieve his goal of becoming a world-famous contortionist. And Aditya couldn’t be happier!


‘I do aerial along with yoga to increase my flexibility. Contortion is the most difficult act for me. Contortion involves a lot of bending and it includes all the moves. And there are lots of kids who can’t do all the moves.’

‘I want people to call me names like superstar and snake boy. I want my name in the Guinness Book of World Records.’

Watch the video to see him in action for yourself…