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Roshni Misbah is one fierce lady!

The 22-year-old student from New Delhi, India dubbed the ‘Hijabi Biker’ is challenging gender stereotypes and turning heads everywhere she goes by travelling around on a motorbike.

Although a woman riding a motorbike might not sound controversial, it isn’t currently a regularly used mode of transport for women in India.

Roshni explains, ‘Riding culture for a woman in India is still new. While on the roads people usually stop by to look who’s riding the motorcycle.’

‘When the school buses pass, the students get so excited!’

Roshni was just 14-years-old when she first rode a motorbike, with the full support of her bike-loving dad.

She says, ‘my father, he is a bike enthusiast so it is already in my genes, in my blood.’

‘My family have been very supportive. My mother initially was very scared that I would be riding a motorcycle but finally she gave a thumbs up.’


Since learning to ride, Roshni has fast become an idol and role model for other young girls aspiring to ride motorbikes within her community.

‘All my friends are very, very supportive. All my girlfriends want to learn to ride a motorcyle so I have started to teach them,’ she explains.

‘Sometimes they don’t get support from their families, from their husbands, from the fathers – even the society.’

And it’s not just the girls who have been impressed by Roshni’s skills!

Fellow student Muzzamil Malik says, ‘I know Roshni like everyone else in Jamia (university). She is very famous. She rides a bike and she rides very nicely.’

‘Whether it’s Roshni or any other girl riding a bike, we don’t need to be startled by such a thing.’

‘I also ride a bike but she rides better than me.’

Roshni is now a member of an all-female biking group called the Bikerni, something she is very proud of.

She says, ‘Bikerni is an all woman group. They ride for women’s empowerment and education. Everything that is related to women and girls.’

‘Before motorcycling I was going through some really bad times, so when I got onto a motorcycle my life, my mentality – everything has changed.’

‘The way I have started looking at the world is very different now.’

We think this special biker is set to ride off into a very bright future!