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61-year-old Hendrick Botha from Centurion, South Africa is the proud owner of an enormous collection of Coca-Cola merchandise.

The cola-addict began his collection, which includes cans, posters, plates and lampshades, back in 1995 – and it’s been growing ever since!


Now, his collection has grown so large that Hendrick has been forced to build a purpose-built annex in his garden to store and display it all.

Not content with his already huge collection, cola-mad Hendrick is prepared to go to extreme lengths to find more Cola-Cola items and regularly travels from shop to shop to hunt for rare cans. But what’s the craziest thing he’s ever done in his quest for Coca-Cola?!


‘Most extreme is searching in dustbins. Going to a concert at 12 o’clock at night, or 2 o’clock in the morning because you expect some special cans there. And then you go through the dustbins and find perhaps a couple of things that you want! I’ve done some crazy things like that already.’


Luckily for Hendrick, his wife Rykie also shares his passion for Coca-Cola and is more than happy to support his quirky ways!

‘I’m very proud of him and I share his passion. I also look for him for stuff and bought him a few bargains already. I’ve got my own Coca-Cola t-shirt and for his 60th party we dressed up all Coca-Cola!’

‘I would say it’s more of a passion than an obsession.’


He might have a passion for the merchandise – but how much coke does Hendrick actually drink?

‘4 litres a day. I wake up with coke and I go to bed with coke. I don’t drink coffee, that’s about all I drink.’

We just hope he brushes his teeth properly!