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Gracie first introduced her family up to the concept six years ago, when her and her husband of 20 years Hank decided to try an open relationship. And it didn’t take long for them to get into the swing of it – within a year Gracie was dating her now husband Oz, and Hank was dating his now partner Valerie. After a while, their situation became tricky to maintain.

‘It became difficult to have a couple of dates a week outside of the house, they wanted more time with us, and Hank came up with the idea of taking our single family home and creating a duplex.’


The duplex was split into two, with Hank and Valerie living on one side, and Gracie, her two children, and Oz and his two children, living on the other. Although to begin with Gracie would have sex with both Hank and Oz, over time she stopped sleeping with Hank completely.

‘Then Hank and Valerie decided that they wanted to move out, which was very sad, but that was their decision and we grieved it. That was the end of the duplex situation.’


Since the break down of her marriage to Hank, Gracie is still in a polyamorous relationship with Oz – and couldn’t be happier with their sex life! She considers Oz an ‘amazing, male sexual animal’ – and both of them believe that having sex outside of their marriage improves their sex life.

‘When I’ll see another woman looking at Oz, I see him the way she see’s him. He’s gorgeous, he’s hot, and he’s incredible! It’ll just like work me up, and turn me on, and it’s that erotic charge that is back again.’

Despite how happy the couple are in their relationship,Gracie’s children haven’t always been so happy about her polyamourous lifestyle. Daughter Tallulah, now 16, is honest about the fact she felt uncomfortable about it to start with.


‘I was about 10 or 11 and my parents sat me down and they told me that they were going to start having special friends. I was super scared. I sensed that the special friends were not friends, it was something more, and that scared me.’

Gracie always made clear to her kids that she although she wouldn’t move anyone into the house that wouldn’t treat them well, she also wouldn’t give up her polyamorous lifestyle for them.

‘If my kids asked me to stop being polyamorous, no, I could not stop being the way I am.’

‘It’s the sex positive world. Sex is seen as normal, it’s seen as healthy. I’m a sex positive parent.’