Body shockers 60 videos

This eccentric 75-year-old from New Delhi is completely obsessed with record breaking – and it’s gained him quite a reputation!

He’s broken more than 20 world records – including removing his teeth to fit 50 burning candles in his mouth, squeezing 500 drinking straws into his mouth, downing a bottle of ketchup in under 40 seconds and delivering a pizza all the way from New Delhi to San Francisco.

And he’s so consumed by his passion for record breaking, that he’s even decided to change his name to reflect his unique hobby!


‘Last month I changed my name to ‘Ripley Guinness Rishi’. Many people say I am a fool, many people say I am mad.’

‘Some people say, “this old person is a mad person’. ‘This old person is a joker.’


Not content with having broken 20 records already – and to the despair of his family – Ripley has no plans to stop his wild antics anytime soon! He’s now the proud owner of hundreds of inkings all over his body.

‘In September 2009, I started the tattoos. I have 499 flags and a map of the country.’

‘My son and my wife are against this madness. When people see so many tattoos on my body, generally, no one appreciates it.’

Alongside the flags – Ripley also has his idols inked on his body – including Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama and even Queen Elizabeth II!


And that’s not all – this plucky pensioner has got big plans to carry on his extreme lifestyle even after his death.

‘I want to donate by body to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. During the last ten years, I requested them to accept my body after my death and put it in a transparent glass coffin.’

But for now – Ripley just hopes to carry on breaking world records and inking every spare inch of his body for many more years to come!