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At 18 years old, Mangli Munda just had her lavish wedding in front of her whole village. Everything was traditional – the ceremony, the customs, the prayers, the dresses – everything except the groom.

Because the groom was a dog.

Mangli’s parents rushed to put on the last-minute wedding on the advice of holy men who told them that their daughter was cursed.

‘I am marrying a dog because the villagers believe that my evil spell will be passed on to the dog,’ explains Mangli. ‘After that is done, the man I will marry will have a long life.’

So the family found local stray Sharu, and decided that Mangli was to take his paw in marriage.

This is not even the first time this has happened. The villagers claim that any girls that have followed this ritual have gone on to live long, happy lives.

‘I’ve seen at least four or five weddings like this,’ says Mangli’s dad Sri Amnunda.

No expense was spared. Sharu arrived in a chauffeur-driven car and looked like he was having a great time throughout the traditional Hindu ceremony.

Mangli, however, was understandably reluctant to go through with the bizarre union, but in the end felt that she must for the sake of her family and community.

Fortunately the marriage is not legally binding, so Sharu has become the family pet and Mangli is free to search for her future husband.

‘Every girl dreams of marrying a prince,’ muses Mangli. ‘I am waiting for him.’


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