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If you ever thought you were too old to be a YouTube star, think again!

With the help of her great grandson, granny Mastanamma Karre has amassed a huge following on YouTube – and she’s just celebrated her 106th birthday!

Mastanamma from Gudivada, India wows her audience with videos showcasing her traditional cooking skills and has so far gained over 2000,000 subscribers on her channel Country Foods.

It all started when her grandson and biggest fan, Laxman first talked about starting up a YouTube channel with his friends.

He explains, ‘One night, I was sitting with my friends and we didn’t have anything to eat. That night we prepared fried rice and we thought of starting a YouTube channel so that people can watch and learn. Then we filmed it on a mobile and edited and uploaded it onto YouTube.’


‘Initially it was for fun but then it went viral. People who live in cities totally forget the traditional way of cooking. I wanted to show how people used to cook traditionally in the olden days.’

‘After thinking about it, I was searching for a suitable person, then I thought of my grandmother, Mastanamma.’

After featuring Mastanamma in the videos the popularity of Laxman’s Youtube channel has soared, and he’s now getting millions of views online.

Although tech-savvy Laxman was well aware of his granny’s success, it took Mastanamma herself a little longer to get her head around the idea of becoming an internet sensation!

Laxman explains, ‘Initiall­y, she didn’t realise what was happening. It was funny for her! She didn’t understand until later on.’

‘After she knew that people were watching her videos and liking her videos she felt very happy.’

Despite starting to struggle with her eyesight in her old age, this awesome cooking granny has no plans to stop cooking anytime soon.

Laxman says, ‘she makes everything well, whether it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but I love her Brinjal curry the most.’

‘Granny is awesome. She is one of the best living persons.’

Watch the video above to see Mastanamma in action!