Body shockers 60 videos

The 20-year-old believes that at a whopping 11.4cm, her tongue is the longest in the world.

‘I first realised it was really, really long when my friends wanted me to show them if I could lick my eye. I tried it and it was shocking – I was shocked!’

And ever since that moment – Gerkary has been keen to show off her newfound talent!


‘My friends always want to take pictures with me sticking my tongue out!’

‘I posted a picture on Instagram and I got a lot of followers. They were like ‘oh I don’t believe it’s true,’ – so I made a video so they could see it was true.’

‘I got like a million views on YouTube, about 6,000 – 7,000 on Instagram, and I got a lot of messages telling me to post more pictures or more videos. It’s crazy, it makes me feel famous!’

But unfortunately, not all of the attention she receives is welcome.

‘I don’t like it when men talk to me in a sexual form. It makes me uncomfortable and it’s kind of nasty.’


‘The first thing they’d say is, ‘oh your boyfriend should be very lucky!.’

Despite the unwanted attention, Gerkary is keen to get her tongue measured officially, to see if she can beat the current world record of 10.1cm. And if this video is anything to go by – we think she’s got it in the bag!