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65-year-old grandmother Shawnee Chasser from Miami in Florida has been told to knock down the treehouse home she has lived in for the past 10 years, or pay $30,000 worth of fines.

The house, built on land owned by Shawnee’s daughter has everything that she could ever need, including a fridge, oven and even wifi. And she happily shares her treetop home with her 2 dogs, 2 cats and a pet raccoon!


But Miami-Dade county officials are claiming that the treehouse wasn’t build to code and is therefore unsafe to live in.

‘Well, you know, everyone thinks I’m a little nuts!’

‘I didn’t chose this, and I didn’t chose this battle with Code Enforcement.’


‘For me in my life, I’ve pretty much done everything without permits! I have always lived outside of the box and most of it never occurred to me!’

Shawnee has a strong emotional connection to the treehouse, as it helps her to feel connected to her son Joshua who passed away.

‘He’s the reason I’m here. He died of an unexpected heart attack and he was my best friend’

The grandmother also argues that living in a treehouse is essential for her health. Shawnee first moved outdoors 40 years ago after giving birth to her first child and developing anxiety around living outdoors.


‘I’m getting diagnosed by a doctor this week because I have claustrophobia and can’t live indoors. So what do you do with somebody who can’t live indoors?

Now, Shawnee is fundraising online so that she can keep battling to keep her very unique treetop home.

‘If this was taken away from me it would take part of me away. And I don’t think it’s going to happen. I have enough people who want to chain themselves to it! It’s my everything, my little tiny living space. It’s where my heart is. It’s where I feel good. It’s my insides.’