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Some people like their food hot – but this street food stall in New Delhi, India has taken things to a whole new level.

Instead of just blowing their customers away with hot, spicy flavours, the workers at this paan stall serve their food when it is on fire.

Paan is a traditional Indian mouth cleanser that is made from a betel leaf stuffed with area nut and occasionally tobacco. The idea is to chew it, before either spitting it out or swallowing.

But Pradhuman Shukla, the fourth generation of his family to run a paan store in this location, has reinvented the traditional Indian snack by setting the paan on fire before forcing it into customer’s mouths.

Paan is widely believed to have medicinal properties, and has been known to treat a variety of ailments from the common cold to a sore throat.

In fact, the first ever flaming paan Pradhuman sold is said to have cured that customer’s mouth ulcers.

Pradhuman says, ‘one day a guy who used to work here burnt the paan and gave the paan to the customer. That day he said, ‘Yes, my ulcers have cured.’’

‘Two men were standing near him and when they saw the fire paan they said: ‘What is this? This is a new concept. Make one for us too.’’

Despite receiving criticism that what he is doing is dangerous, Pradhuman maintains that the paans are completely safe.

He explains, ‘No, there is nothing dangerous about it, because we’ve tested the fire paan on ourselves. If there were anything dangerous about it we wouldn’t have made it.’

‘Initially the person gets scared and says, ‘what is with the fire?’ then he thinks and looks at the smiling face of the person who has eaten the paan. Then he says, ‘yes the paan is normal and fine.’’

In fact, the fiery delicacy is so popular that the stall now sells over 100 of them every single day – proving that some really do like it hot!

Would you be brave enough to tuck into a flaming paan? Watch the video above to see them for yourself…