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It may not be everybody’s idea of entertainment, but if you are a follower of Blake Horton on social media, you’ll be used to watching him gorge his way through late-night meals bulging with up to 4,000 unhealthy-looking calories.

You might expect, therefore, that Blake would be an overweight sofa-slob with bad skin. The truth, as you can see from the pictures, couldn’t be further from that image.

Hunky Blake is in fact a fitness fanatic who saves up all his day’s calories and uses them in one go. The result is some of the most stomach-churning meals you could imagine.

Blake explains: ‘Most people eat three meals a day, I do everything in one meal a day, getting all my nutrients, carbs, proteins, everything all in that one big, monstrous meal.’

So, just how does Blake pack away those humongous meals while maintaining rippling abs that would be the envy of most men? He’s a dedicated gym bunny, spending hours each day working out. But it wasn’t always that way.


Just four years ago, he wasn’t such an Adonis. ‘When I turned 30 years old, I lost 60lb. A big part of it was through eating small meals spread out throughout the day. I was miserable, I was constantly watching the clock, waiting for my next meal. I was hungry all the time.’

Blake read about ‘intermittent fasting’ which claimed that you don’t get hungry any more and you get to eat huge meals. He decided to give it a shot.

And although the meals he now eats for his adoring fans look like a heart attack on a plate, Blake insists that they are nutritionally balanced. ‘A lot of my meals don’t look healthy to the untrained human eye,’ he admits. ‘For me, personally, you can eat clean all you want and you can end up hitting nutritional blindspots and end up unhealthy. So I focus on getting the proper nutrients – and I do that with foods which are really enjoyable.’

Blake’s girlfriend Jenni is happy to watch him chow down, and she even has her own ‘massive meals’, just more in proportion with her smaller frame.

While many of us might try to avoid eating big meals too late at night, Blake thinks there’s no better time to gorge. ‘I believe the body is meant to digest while resting. I make sure eating’s the last thing I’m gonna do.’