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Five years ago Keith Gordon looked like your average family man, but now the 45-year-old has embarked on a quest in another direction.

Covered head to toe in extreme tattoos ranging from religious symbols to fierce animals as well as his favourite bands, Keith says that he loves being unique.

‘I love attention,’ he admits, ‘I want to show that being different is OK.’

The father of four says that his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder had led him to change his appearance erratically over the last few decades.

‘OCD has ruled my life for many years,’ he says.

As a young man he’d gotten tattoos only to later remove them, now wishing that he’d stuck to his beliefs and been the man he wanted to be.

Keith has spent almost £15,000 on his body art, returning to the tattoo shop every month or so. He admits that the art on his head was probably the most painful, citing the tribal markings on his ears and the words Jesus and Satan on his eyelids as particularly agonising.

But some people aren’t as thrilled about Keith’s look as he is. His wife Lisa, whom he wed in 2001 said that she feels ’embarrassed to go out with him like that’, while his son Ricky says that he looks scary and evil, even though he’s just a regular dad.

The office administrator has found that he tends to get positive reactions from younger people on the streets, whereas the older generations stare at him in bewilderment.

Despite all this, Keith says that he’s never felt better, and is currently looking for acting work in TV. But in the meantime he hopes to cover what blank space is left on his body with more tattoos.


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