An extreme balancer has redefined living on the edge, after performing a human flag over one of Norway’s highest waterfalls.

Dressed in a bright red body suit, Eskil Ronningsbakken, suspended himself above the Vettisfossen waterfall, 30 times across two days.

The steady-handed 35-year-old made a trip back to his home country for the feat, which he executed before a backdrop of breath-taking scenery.

Eskil performs the world's first one-arm handstand at 600m above a fjord

Eskil performs the world’s first one-arm handstand at 600m above a fjord

Eskil, who lives near Barcelona, has had a passion for balancing ever since he was 5.

‘I’ve never done anything but balanced.,’ he explains. ‘I simply went for my dream and did what felt right to me. I knew already when I was 5 what I was going to do in life.’

The Norwegian daredevil has been planning the stunt since October last year, and took on a one-hour hike to reach the location. Whilst suspending his 85kg frame above the crashing water, the slightest tremble of Eskil’s body showed his staggering endurance.

He holds himself up from a ladder he says makes him feel as close as possible to flying.

Eskil lives life on the edge

Eskil lives life on the edge

Explaining why he executed the stunt in a skin-tight red outfit, he said, ‘The suit is a thin bodysuit, which allows me to act equally to a naked person, but still being covered up. It also gives great flexibility and clean lines in the picture, and I always choose the colour according to the background to make the action as visible as possible.’

Eskil now has his sights set on Angels Falls in Venezuela, and Burj Khalifa in Dubai for his next challenges.