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Swedish duo of self-taught special effects make-up artist Ellinor Rosander and producer Macs Moser create AMAZING step-by-step tutorials, so you can transform yourself into a gruesome monster in your own home.

Before, starting a look, they both brainstorm ideas before deciding on something that they both like and is achievable.

‘Being crazy people like us with twisted minds, crazy ideas and weirdness will pop up in our heads’

They’re not short in inspiration either, looking to 80s horror films, modern movies and video games for ideas for their incredible designs.


Once they’ve decided on a look, Ellinor will test it out to make sure that it can be created easily and cost effectively. SFX products can be really pricey, and the duo are always keen to find ways round this. This means they use simple household items like flour and tin foil to create their looks.

It’s this unique way of working that excitingly ‘often leads to pioneering solutions and techniques, never before seen in the SFX community.’

And once the look is created – the hard work doesn’t stop there! Macs says, ‘Usually it takes about 5 to 6 hours for filming in the studio, and when it comes to the post production process it could take as long as 20 hours.’


That’s a LOT of work! But is it worth it? Ellie seems to think so, and sees it as a huge compliment every time she sees someone replicating her gory looks online.

‘Sometimes it just takes a day or two to see 10-20 recreations just popping up around the world. Watching people re-create our looks – that’s kind of the point of making the tutorial in the first place!’

The duo have so far gained an online following of over 30,000 viewers – and with more gruesome tutorials on the way, it’s only going to rise!

Would you be brave enough to give one of these special effects make-up looks a go?