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A 6ft 9in woman from Russia has set her sights on being named the world’s tallest model.

29-year-old Ekaterina Lisina, who already boasts the official title of Russia’s tallest woman, has recently launched a modelling career after retiring from basketball.

She explains, ‘my legs are around 52.4in but my dream is that the Guinness Book of Records measure not only my height for the tallest model in the world but also for the longest legs.’

With both her parents measuring in at over 6ft, tall genes clearly run in the family for Ekaterina, who was encouraged to take up basketball at a young age.

She says, ‘I’ve wanted to be a model since I was 16-years-old but at that time I started my professional basketball career so basically I had to choose between modelling and basketball.’

It soon became clear that Ekaterina was a real star on the basketball court, and her talent won her a place in the Russian Olympic team.


After winning a bronze medal as part of the Russian squad at the 2008 summer Olympics, Ekaterina began to focus on modelling.

She says, ‘I think my long legs can help my modelling career because there are not so many models with such long legs. They help me also in basketball because it makes me taller than everyone else.’

Although her impressive pins are the envy of her peers when she’s on the catwalk or basketball court, Ekaterina admits that they cause trouble when it comes to buying clothes.

She explains, ‘I was tall, like 6ft, when I recognised that I have problems in the shops!’

‘I used to customise the clothes for me because it’s really difficult to find my size – especially in jeans.’

But apart from her need for custom-made clothing, Ekaterina couldn’t be happier with her towering frame.

She says, ‘I feel really comfortable in my body right now and I don’t have any problems about being much taller than other people.’

‘I do like the attention and I hope that after I get the title I’m going to get even more attention!’