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32-year-old Courtney Barnes turns heads everywhere she goes thanks to her very attention-grabbing asset!

She says, ‘I’ve had guys pumping gas at the gas station and they’re watching me and they drive off with the pump in the car – it’s crazy!’

After graduating from university with an Economics degree, this brainy lady now makes her money from showcasing her larger-that-average posterior to her legions of online fans.

Courtney says, ‘one thing I did learn in economics is that it’s about having a product and people demanding what you want to supply.’

‘I know what I may do is different but my product is myself right now.’

Although her fans can’t get enough of her big behind, Courtney took a dangerous risk to achieve it by having illegal silicone injections. But using black-market methods comes with serious health implications, and now, just 6 years after she had the procedure, Courtney is starting to see problems with her bum.

She explains, ‘my butt does not sit up as much as it used to, I can see a little discoloration.’

Because of these problems Courtney is considering a bum reduction, and recently visited plastic surgeon and bum augmentation specialist Dr Constantino Mendieta for his expert opinion.

And despite his years of experience, Dr Mendieta admits that Courtney’s behind is, ‘officially the biggest booty I’ve ever seen in my life!’

He has seen first hand the damage that silicone injections can cause to the body, he explains:

‘I’m unfortunately seeing more and more of these cases of silicone injections to the buttocks. People are going to these underground pumping parties and they’re getting these injections that aren’t FTA approved or anything like that.’


‘The dangers with these injections is that people are using different kinds of products and the products that they use have different consistencies and different impurities so you have no idea what’s being done.’

‘Courtney was not alone. She has no idea how much was injected, she has no idea what was injected, she just said, ‘go ahead and inject me.’’

‘I’ve had cases of oil being injected, of cooking oil, car oil.’

‘Many people ask me, ‘are these injections dangerous?’ the answer is yes. They’re dangerous because the injections are given into the vein that goes to the lungs and people have died. So there’s an immediate danger to it and then there’s the long term danger.’

Although she loves her curvaceous figure, having listened to the expert advice, Courtney is now adamant that she won’t have any more injections in the future.

‘I wouldn’t recommend it – it was a risk. People are still getting it done but I feel like I was naïve at the time. It was a risk I was willing to take but I just guess that I’m blessed to be a voice to tell girls it really is a serious risk.’