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We all know people who take ages to get ready in the mornings, but 21-year-old Lhouraii Lee spends up to four hours perfecting her look every day!

The nail technician from Bradford, Yorkshire has based her colourful appearance on a combination of Japanese fashion and the pink princess, Barbie, as well as taking inspiration from Disney princesses, unicorns and other mythical creatures.

Lhouraii uses special eye-enlarging colour contact lenses to make her eyes appear more like those of a Barbie doll, and using intricate make-up techniques she’s learnt to contour her face without needing surgery.

After this she adorns herself with elaborate pink gowns, nail decorations and all manner of jewellery.

‘It’s not a chore to do,’ explains Lhouraii. ‘Like people get up and watch television, I get up and do my make-up.’

The softly spoken ‘living doll’, as she’s often called, began to develop her style four years ago after learning about Japanese culture and fashion. Since then she’s become a huge hit on YouTube, where she posts videos of make-up tutorials.

‘It’d be better for her if she could go outside without so much make up on every so often,’ says boyfriend Nathan Kent, 24, ‘but I really like her look, and it makes her happy.’

She certainly turns a lot of heads when she’s out and about, but embraces her uniqueness as she’s happy to stand out and even pose for photos.

‘Everyone’s staring at me, people are whispering and pointing at me,’ smiles Lhouraii, ‘but it doesn’t bother me at all!’