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Growing up in a small American town was never easy for Amanda Soule, purely because she kept doing just that… growing.

‘I was 6ft when I was 12 years old,’ says Amanda, 38.

Hitting 215lb while still at school, she also admitted that she was taller than all of her male teachers.

Her incredible height brought her a lot of attention, but it wasn’t always positive, as she was often picked on.

Too tall for mainstream modelling, the adult Amanda found her calling when she discovered the Amazon Model subculture. Nowadays she is known and adored by hundreds of fans worldwide as ‘Amazon Amanda’.

Men from across the planet pay her for all sorts of activities including lifting, carrying, smothering, wrestling and even just walking with them in public!

The video shows Amanda visiting one of her most enthusiastic fans. The diminutive Sergio Miranda stands at 5ft 3in, and enjoys being carried around on her back as well as cuddling up in her generous proportions.

‘Me being of short stature, I’ve always felt a closeness to tall women,’ explains Sergio.

The nature of her job raises a few eyebrows, but 6ft 3in Amanda insists there is nothing illegal or immoral about it. Despite being accused of prostitution, Amanda defends her profession by declaring that she offers no sex or nudity of any kind.

The pair still attract a lot of stares whilst out and about, but Amanda doesn’t care.

‘You now people are looking, but it’s life,’ she beams, before adding: ‘OK, I kinda like it a lot!’


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