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An 8-year-old boy is worshipped in his village after growing a long tail.

Dulha Singh from Punjab, India, was born with a patch of hair on his lower back, which caused locals to believe he is an incarnation of the monkey-like God, Hanuman.

Sadly, his mother passed away when he was younger, so Dulha now lives with his uncle Sahib Singh and aunty Majeer Kaur.

Sahib explains, ‘Dulha is my nephew. I brought him up like my own son.’

‘He has been like this since childhood. As he grew older, his tail got longer. People come from all around to see him.’

‘His mother once decided to cut the tail but she died before doing so. Since then I am taking care of Dulha and we decided not to cut the tail.’


Since hearing about Dulha’s unusual feature, people from the surrounding villages have flocked to pray before him.

As well as his tail, Dulha also has a knack for climbing trees, which villagers see as further proof of him being a god.

Manjeer says, “People come to see him everyday. They believe he is like Hanuman Ji.’

‘When Dulha was living with his mum, people used to travel hundreds of miles to seek blessings by touching his tail.’

‘People come from far away places to look at his tail but nobody mocks him. They just come to see it and go.’

Sahib adds, ‘people in this village believe that Dulha has some healing powers and he can cure people.’

‘We can’t stop people coming to out house. We had asked them to come and see Dulha and not worship him. But people don’t listen to us. They do what they feel is right.’

Despite some of the unwanted attention his tail brings, Dulhas’s family have never cut it, as they believe it would bring them a bad omen.

Dulha says, ‘I think removing the tail won’t do good to me and my family. It’s a God gift and I won’t remove it. I don’t mind the tail.’

‘I don’t feel bad about having a tail. If it’s from God, let it be there. People respect me for having a tail.’

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