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Discovery have pushed a group of twelve survival experts to the brink as part of their nail-biting show, Naked & Afraid XL.

Pushed to their very limits, the team were tasked with surviving in the drought-striken foothills of South Africa for 40 days and 40 nights. Split into separate male and female groups with no water, food or clothes, they had to master their environment and work together in order to stay alive.

After just one week of the challenge, the lack of water and threat of deadly lions close by forced one survivalist to leave the process.

Whilst still reeling from the shock department of their teammate, one of members of the all-female team was struck down by tick bite fever. The bacterial infection can cause headaches, fever and muscle soreness – a recipe for disaster if you’re already living on the edge.

As for the male team, rumbling tummies and a rapidly diminishing water hole caused tensions to rise and lead to a disagreement over conflicting hunting styles.

In a desperate attempt to find food, the all-male group set off on a trek through the bush where they came across the struggling female team. After making the decision to join forces, both teams found strength in numbers and improved resources – but they weren’t out of the woods yet.

On day 10 of the challenge, 35-year-old Clarence, who works as a survival instructor, took a turn for the worst whilst out hunting for a porcupine.

Struggling in the burning heat, Clarence was forced to call the medical team as he became increasingly breathless – and at points unable to breathe at all.

After accessing his condition and taking his blood pressure and pulse, medics recommended that Clarence was evacuated from the challenge and taken to hospital.

Having endured a gruelling 50-minute journey to the nearest hospital, Clarence was treated for severe dehydration and heat stroke.

He will make a full recovery, but unfortunately his time on Naked & Afraid came to an abrupt and dramatic end.

Watch the video above to see the brutal conditions for yourself and don’t forget to catch Naked & Afraid XL on Discovery.