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An artist is painting incredible portraits despite being born without fingers.

Desmond Blair, 26, is missing all 10 fingers but has mastered the art of oil painting.

Desmond, from Dallas, Texas says: ‘You only become disabled when you stop yourself from pursuing your dreams.

‘I am missing all 10 fingers but I don’t look at it as a disability, I look at it as a difference.

‘I started drawing when I was a kid because I was learning how to write. After drawing I started exploring other mediums and I started painting in middle school. I started out with acrylics and I did more digital work in college.’

Not bad for a guy with no fingers, don't you think!

Not bad for a guy with no fingers, don’t you think!

Desmond took a break from painting but picked it up again when he started going on job interviews.

‘When I was going on job interviews I’d get these crazy looks because people would see my resume and I would walk in and wouldn’t have hands,’ he explains. ‘They were wondering how I was going to use a computer.

‘I started recording myself painting because if I was ever in that situation again I wanted to be able to show somebody if I can paint without fingers I’m pretty sure I can do the job.’

Desmond doesn't let anything hold him back

Desmond doesn’t let anything hold him back

Desmond, a project manager, paints in his free time and every weekend.

‘If I had to describe the feeling, it would be a relaxing feeling because I get to turn everything off and really just allow myself to focus on letting something develop,’ he says.

‘I dove into my artwork – at first I was doing it to solve a problem but then I fell in love with it.’

Desmond hopes to use his paintings to raise money for charities supporting other people with limb differences.

‘Being disabled is something that’s internal I believe. It’s a mindset where you allow yourself to become defeated by your circumstances or obstacles you face, but it’s more about finding opportunity instead of dwelling on the challenges.’