An adrenaline athlete free-climbs up a water tower and balances along the narrow beams which run across its open top.

Self-confessed fear enthusiast Flaviu Cernescu filmed this vertigo-inducing footage in May, after spotting the hollow structure while paragliding near Romania’s Retezat Mountains.

The 33-year-old used a rope to hoist himself up towards a rusty ladder, which he used to climb the imposing concrete building – without any safety equipment.

At the summit, the daredevil walked across the slender metal beams and even performed a set of press-ups while staring down into the 100m drop below.

‘I went there to practice paragliding and had the chance to see the structure from high in the air  – it immediately caught my attention,’ explains intrepid Flaviu.

‘It is 25m high, however its hollow centre has a depth of 100m into the ground.

‘I was lucky there were no watchmen around,’ continues Flaviu. ‘Although the ladder only started about 6m above the ground so I had to throw and hook a rope to reach it.

‘I was curious and excited when I was climbing and when I got up and saw the deep hole in the middle I was a little scared too.

‘The beams were rigid enough so I trusted them, but it still felt intense.

‘All climbs have something in common but they also have their own challenges – this one had some cool variations and felt fresh to me.
‘When people watch the video they tend to get sweaty palms.’

So, watch the video and see how your palms get – and remember, do not try this kind of thing yourself!