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A 68-year-old performs yoga poses on a BMX bike – while suspended over a deadly 300ft drop.

Khiv Raj Gurjar, from Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is the world’s finest exponent of ‘extreme yoga’.

Khiv can handle the heights

Khiv can handle the heights

The pension-age daredevil spends an hour each day running through up to 45 individual yoga poses on his bike – while perched on the edge of a 300ft cliff.

‘When I balance and perform complex yoga postures on a cliff, I don’t feel fear or think that I will fall from this mountain,’ says Khiv. ‘I can do anything on this mountain. I don’t panic anymore.’

Khiv has been doing extreme yoga for the last 20 years – and credits it with helping him to cope with intense personal tragedy.

On 4 November 2014, Khiv lost his son, grandson and wife in a road accident.

‘It was a terrible accident and it will take time to heal,’ he says.

Khiv began practicing yoga at the age of 12, and says he’s been visiting the cliff where he does his stunts since childhood.

‘As a child, I used to come here from school. Then I brought a BMX cycle and started doing extreme yoga. I am confident that I will not fall, I believe in myself,’ says Khiv, who has represented his country at a national level as a cyclist and even competed in his country’s national football league.

In the summer, Khiv prefers to exercise at the start of the day, to avoid the intense heat.

One slip would mean probable death

One slip would mean probable death

And despite his skills, his family still fret about the dangerous nature of his extreme balancing act.

‘I feel a bit scared when my grandfather performs these kind of stances,’ says Khiv’s granddaughter Yoga Gurjar, 15, ‘but I feel also proud because he is the source of inspiration for me and he is the person I want be when I grow old.

‘Having a grandfather who does stunts on mountains is like having an in-house superhero.’