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The residents of Orange County, California are famous for their glamorous lifestyles and preoccupation with beauty, and 25-year-old sisters Brittani and Charm Niccole are no different, despite their advantage.

Their adopted father Dr Michael Niccole is a plastic surgeon, providing one of, if not the, most coveted services in the county.

Michael runs a plastic surgery centre and spa, and gives his daughters easy access to the treatments they’ve come to crave, having been aware of their supposed imperfections from a young age.

‘My first procedure was my breast augmentation when I graduated from high school, and right before my 21st birthday I got my rhinoplasty,’ says Brittani, while Charm first went under the knife at only 10 years old to change her belly button.

Charm explains that she then went on to get facials and face peels throughout and after high school, starting to get Botox injections in her early 20s. Her father recently performed her breast enhancement, after Charm felt that she’d lost volume due to her constant wearing of sports bras during her vigorous workout routines.

‘They’re perfect, thanks Dad!’ she laughs.

Despite her young age, Brittani is already getting regular Botox treatment from her father at his facility in order to slow down the ageing process and prevent wrinkles from forming on her forehead in a decade’s time.

However, Michael’s wife Penny wasn’t overjoyed with her daughters’ decisions to go under the knife.

‘To be honest, I didn’t want them to think every time something bothered them they could run in to have surgery,’ says Penny, but she admits that the girls do look after themselves, regularly working out and taking care of their bodies.

But looking around their hometown, Charm and Brittani saw no problem with getting their procedures. Brittani even says that, ‘Getting your breasts done is basically like getting a teeth cleaning here!’