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This yoga enthusiast is helping to break down body image stereotypes – one pose at a time!

34-year-old Dolly Singh from Mumbai, India, first took up yoga after her doctor advised her to lose weight.

She explains, ‘I have never been to the gym, I hate machines. I can’t stand the sight of them.’

‘I went to a Zumba class – only to realise that only the trainer can dance because I had two left feet. I couldn’t keep pace with Zumba!’

Disheartened, Dolly stumbled across a yoga class, and it was then that she discovered her hidden talent!

She says, ‘after a week, I realised that I could do the postures way easier than everybody else in the class. People started saying things like, ‘Look at her, she can do it so well.’ I was like, ‘Really?’’

‘But I always felt the elasticity of my body. I felt like it was a rubber and you could really stretch it. And I liked the challenging process. That’s what happened with yoga.’

‘The instructor that was there at that point in time really started showing a lot of interest in me.’


Spurred on by her classmates and instructor, Dolly made the decision to take her passion outside to her local park.

She explains, ‘the public spaces should be for things that the public like to do. I started going to the same park again and again.’

‘Everybody around me, all year I would say I had a lot of onlookers – I was more like an amusement. I would do yoga and these regular people who came for walks, they would wait for me to get done so that they could have a chat with me.’

Now, Dolly is hoping that her love of yoga will help inspire others to be proud of their bodies, no matter their size.

She says, ‘it’s nice to be called curvy. My body is strong, my body can take things, my body can express things, my body is not just about being round or being fat.’

‘I realised that visibility is acceptance. If you start showing different kinds of bodies doing the same kinds of things, you do not associate that the thin body is only capable of doing this and a fat body is only capable of doing this. Or a thin body can do this and a big body can not do that.’

‘My physical strength has translated into being my mental strength and for me that is body positivity.’

Keep up the good work, Dolly! Watch the video above to watch this amazing yogi in action!