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A millionaire playboy had to flee Germany when people became envious of his incredibly flashy lifestyle.

Bastian and Maria Yotta moved to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles after their fellow Germans began to sneer at their excessive lifestyle and would even spit at their Ferrari.

Bastian and Maria have found their spiritual home in blingy LA

Bastian and Maria have found their spiritual home in blingy LA

The multinational business owner – who now spends more than $100,000 a month on his lifestyle – began dreaming of a life in LA after watching Baywatch on TV as a child.

‘I immediately fell in love with the place,’ explains Bastian, 38. ‘The beautiful beaches, the beautiful girls, I wanted it all.

‘I had a vision which I have now made come true – I have created my own Baywatch and my girl is hotter than Pamela Anderson.’


The couple met three years ago at a restaurant in Munich when charming Bastian swept Maria, 27, off her feet.

Maria was a student but decided to give up her dream of teaching special-needs children six months after meeting Bastian.

Bastian even paid for Maria to have a boob job – taking her from a 32C cup to a 32F.

‘Germans would sneer at her and say her boobs were too big but secretly I think they liked them,’ says Bastian. ‘I love big boobs and I know they have made Maria very happy.’

The couple enjoy all the trappings of a multimillionaire lifestyle

The couple enjoy all the trappings of a multimillionaire lifestyle

Maria tries to do everything she can to be the perfect woman for Bastian while he rakes in millions of dollars from his numerous companies.

‘I try to be a good woman for Bastian – he loves it when I wear sexy clothes,’ says Maria. ‘In the morning I try to wake up a little bit earlier than him to get ready because he loves it when I look good.

‘Sometimes I will wear a $2,000 dress around the house. But I am not a gold digger – when I met Bastian I had no idea how wealthy he was.

‘I just noticed his great body and beautiful smile,’ continues Maria. ‘He is honest and very funny, every woman must know why I am with Bastian.’

The multimillionaires have become big players on the Beverly Hills social scene and regularly host lavish parties for their A-list friends.

‘I don’t care about how much money I spend on an evening – 10,000, 20,000 dollars, it doesn’t matter to me,’ says Bastian. ‘I consider it an investment in the happiness of my guests so any amount of money is worth it.’

The couple recently moved from their 8,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion that they rented for $10,000 a month to an even bigger, more expensive home.

In the garage Bastian keeps his prized car collection.

‘I love sports cars – I have a Lamborghini Aventador which cost around $400,000,’ reveals Bastian. ‘I also have a Bentley Continental Sport which was around a quarter of a million but my favourite is a Ferrari 458 tuned to 800 watts power, racing mode. 
It runs at around 225 miles per hour – I love it because it is very aggressive. There are not many cars as fast as this one. In total my collection is worth around $1.3m.’

Fast cars and sexy women – Bastian's in heaven

Fast cars and sexy women – Bastian’s in heaven

Along with a love of fast cars, Bastian also enjoys splashing his cash on Maria down LA’s exclusive Rodeo Drive shopping strip.

‘When you shop at this high level it is extremely expensive,’ admits Maria. ‘You can spend $3,000 on a dress, $4,000 on some shoes and $6,000 on a bag – in no time at all you’ve spent $50,000, but that’s not a problem for us.’

Despite the criticism they face and the fact that they have had to leave their home country – the couple could not be happier.

‘My first goal is to become a billionaire and I am well on my way to that – I just need two more years – then perhaps I will think about starting a family,’ says big-thinking Bastian.

‘Some people say they go on holiday but I don’t – I say I have a “holilife” because every day is like a holiday to us.’