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On 30th September 2016, Courtney Waldon’s life changed forever.

The now 27-year-old mum from Tallapoosa, Georgia, was enjoying a camping trip with her husband when she was the victim of a horrific freak accident.

She explains, ‘that night, me and my husband were sitting there and the fire went to go out so he went to go put gas on it. The fire shot up and next thing I knew I was engulfed in flames.’

Courtney before the accident

The accident left Courtney with devastating injuries, with 40% of her body covered in burns. She spent 51 days in hospital away from her daughter where she underwent several skin grafts and began intense physical therapy.

Heartbreakingly, to make matters worse, Courtney separated from her husband soon after the accident.


With no income, medical bills totalling over $2million and a daughter to support, Courtney was faced with leaving her home.

But thankfully, it was then that Courtney’s local community decided to take matters into their own hands.

Pastor Jon Ellis explains how he first heard of Courtney’s plight, ‘actually it was first brought to me by one of the educators in our church. She approached me in church one day and asked me had I heard about Courtney’s accident. She said there must be something we can do. So we when we asked those educators and those teachers the question, ‘what does Courtney need?’ all of them were in agreement that she needed a house.’

Before long, volunteers from all over the community had jointed together to build Courtney and her daughter a brand new home, completely free of charge.

Courtney with her parents

And Courtney couldn’t be more grateful for their kindness.

She says, ‘it’s a little two bedroom, one and a half bath, and it’s just a blessing that God shows his light through everything to say, ‘hey, I know you went through this, but here’s your reward.’’

Despite her struggles, it seems that Courtney is finally able to start rebuilding her life, piece by piece.

She says, ‘I’ve been managing to get my life back. I’m just pushing forward everyday to make myself better and stronger for myself and my daughter.’

We wish Courtney and her daughter all the best for a healthy, happy future.