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25-year-old British sugar baby Simone Toon relies on rich, older men to fund her lavish lifestyle instead of working a normal 9-5 job.

‘A sugar baby is somebody that likes a nice lifestyle and luxury and you’re taken care of by an older man.’

‘My lifestyle on average probably costs about no less than £4,000 a month. Just to live, just to maintain everything.’

And relying on sugar daddies has given Simone a very impressive shoe collection worth as much as £30,000 – including Givenchy boots, Valentino heels and Chanel espadrilles.


But what would Simone say to people who compare being a sugar baby to being an escort?

‘I think that people assume being a sugar baby is just going out with some fat old man and having sex with him when he wants and doing what he says. But it’s not, it’s nothing like that.’

‘There’s a massive difference between being an escort and being a sugar baby. An escort is seeing different people every hour and I’m not. I’m seeing the same person and it is a relationship. I tend to say OK, if I date this person 6 or 7 times, I go to dinner with them then fine, after that I’ll sleep with them.’

Simone meets her sugar daddies through friends and also a website called Seeking Arrangement. The website is designed a mutual meet up for rich men who want to date an attractive woman who want a nice lifestyle.


‘So normally I like someone who’s 15 years older than me – 40-45. They look at you like a daughter or something. I don’t want that to sound quite sick but they take care of you a lot better.’

‘When I was 24 and he was 62. Which is quite a big age gap but I really liked him.’

Simone decided to shun a traditional job and become a full-time sugar baby when she was 20 years old – but how did her family react to her controversial career choice?

‘My family were really supportive. They were really like, well if is what you want then fine go ahead. My dad actually worked for one of my previous sugar daddies so it benefited my family for that reason.’

Despite the positive elements of her relationships, Simone does admit that it can be difficult to break off bad relationships, as she is financially dependent on her sugar daddies.


‘I have been in situations where I’m not happy with the person that I’m with and I haven’t broken it off just because of the financial situation. The sugar daddies can definitely use that to their advantage.’

‘It actually works out better when you’re a beautiful young girl and you are dating somebody who is old and successful because you’re both in that relationship for your own reasons.’

So, would she ever go back to a normal job?

‘I tried to do a normal job when I came out of a sugar daddy relationship when I was 22. And to be honest after one week I gave it up because you feel like you go from being a boss, like say your sugar daddy employs 100 people and you’re by his side everyday, the staff look up to you, to then being one of the staff. To make that change – I can’t do that.’

‘I could never ever imagine being with someone who wouldn’t treat me and wouldn’t pay for my lifestyle.’