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Kaleem, 8, was born with a mysterious condition yet to be diagnosed by doctors.

The boy suffers from body deformities, most troublingly the sheer incredible size of his gigantic hands. According to his father Shamim, he also regularly complains that his head is spinning and suffers stomach aches.

His hands have grown to be 13in long, and weigh around 8kg, preventing him from carrying out simple tasks such as feeding and dressing himself.

With no cure in sight, Shamim and Kaleem’s mum Haleema are forced to watch as their son gets worse and worse.

His appearance has also made him a target for the other children in the village. ‘Many people bully me for my deformity,’ says brave Kaleem. ‘They say, ‘Let’s beat up the kid with big hands.”’

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also unable to attend school with his sister.

‘I do not go to school because the teacher says other kids are scared of my hands,’ Kaleem explains sadly.

His father works as a labourer, earning only £15 a month, and is unable to afford proper medical attention.

The family eventually got the opportunity to visit a doctor for the first time. Dr Ratam admitted that he’d never seen anything like this, and could find no similar cases on the internet or in medical journals.

He did however give a prognosis that it may be related to a rare from of acromegaly, but he wants to run more tests to determine the best course of treatment. The visit posed more questions than answers, but the parents feel more positive that there is hope for Kaleem to live a normal life one day.