If you’re feeling a bit tense, Dr Dot has got just the thing for you – she’ll bite you and pull your hair!

That’s right, celebrity massage therapist Dorothy Stein, aka Dr Dot, 48, from New Jersey, USA, has become famous – and in-demand from stars including Kanye West, Simon Cowell and Rihanna – for her unusual bite massage technique.

Dorothy Stein – Dr Dot – gives a bite massage to wrestler Elena Pogosyan

Dorothy Stein – Dr Dot – gives a bite massage to wrestler Elena Pogosyan

In this video, wrestler Elena Pogosyan, visits Dr Dot for the first time as a new way of getting a deep tissue massage. As a wrestler, pain is something Elena is used to, but even she hesitates at the idea of a total stranger biting her!

Dr Dot has no such hesitation, though. ‘I’ve seen it all and smelt it all,’ she says as she reveals that she sees no need to wipe down her clients before tucking in.

So, how – and why – does someone decide they will make a living from biting strangers? Dr Dot explains that she started her unique method on her mum at the age of 5, because her hands weren’t strong enough to give an effective massage so her mum insisted she bite her.

There's very little that can faze Dr Dot

There’s very little that can faze Dr Dot

When she was older, she saw it as a way of ‘bartering’ for tickets to her beloved music stars’ concerts – hence why Oasis, Sting, the late David Bowie, The Stone Roses, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love have all found themselves on the end of her bite.

She concentrates her biting on the client’s back, but sometimes moves down to the buttocks. Surely, then, a client getting aroused is an occupational hazard? ‘Some people get aroused, yeah,’ says Dr Dot, ‘it’s a normal bodily function. Women get erect nipples, men get erect willies. But I don’t go, “Wow! You just pitched a big tent, let’s go!” I just ignore it, or sometimes I’ll throw extra towels on it!’

To finish the massage, Dr Dot pulls the client’s hair, which she says is a great way of increasing blood flow and circulation, to encourage hair growth. As the doc puts it: ‘No pain, no gain.’