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In the early hours of June 28, a couple from Rosenburg, Texas found themselves rushing to the hospital. Two weeks overdue, Kristin Dickerson’s water had finally broken.

Charging down the highway towards a Houston hospital at 95mph, hubby Troy films the whole event with a GoPro camera strapped to his head. Kristin is heard screaming in pain, certain that she won’t make it to the hospital.

‘Kristin we’re like 15 minutes away,’ Troy soothes as he bombs down the empty roads.

They finally arrive at the hospital, but as the attendants arrive with a wheelchair it becomes clear that time is up.

Troy shouts for a doctor as his wife continues to struggle. Soon Troy realises that he’ll have to start the proceedings, and begins to reassure Kristin as she pushes with all her might.

Standing legs apart, Kristin yells, ‘Catch him Troy, catch him,’ as her husband’s hands remain ready to welcome their son to the world. The hospital staff look on in disbelief as they wait for the doctor to arrive.

With one last push, the Dickersons’ bouncing baby boy slides out into his father’s hands. ‘He’s perfect! He’s perfect!’ announces a stunned Troy to his exhausted wife.

By this time more onlookers had gathered, and a team of 10 nurses had rushed down to assist the parents and make sure that everything had gone as smoothly as the situation allowed.

Sitting in the wheelchair triumphantly cuddling baby Truett, the tired Kristin shares a relieved kiss with Troy before they lovingly look over the latest addition to their family. Truett is the Dickersons’ third son, following his big brothers Turner, 4, and Tillman, 2.


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