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A 43-year-old virgin who had his penis ripped off in childhood is hoping to have sex for the first time – after being fitted with an inflatable manhood.

Mohammed Abad lost his penis in an horrific car accident when he was 6 years old.

Now he’s undergone a pioneering operation to have a 6in inflatable penis fitted – and has been given the green light by doctors to test it out.

The divorcee now plans to ‘sow his wild oats’ starting with an experienced sex worker.

But eventually he hopes to find love and have a family.

‘I’m fully loaded and ready to go,’ says Mohammed. ‘Three years ago I never thought this day would come but now I’m ready to have some fun and sow my wild oats.

‘I’ve never felt like a full man but now I’m ready for my life to start and I’ve never felt so confident.

‘I want to get the “virgin” tag off my back as soon as possible but eventually I hope to get married and have two children – a girl and a boy.’

Mohammed's arm shows the scars from his operation

Mohammed’s arm shows the scars from his operation

In January 1978, Mohammed was pushed into the street during a snowball fight and hit by a car that dragged him 600 yards.

Mohammed, from Edinburgh, says: ‘My penis was ripped off and a testicle was also destroyed. I was taken to the hospital and given 12 hours to live.’

Doctors were miraculously able to stabilise him, but there was nothing they could do to salvage his detached penis.

‘They made me a wee tube that was 3cm long and I was told to carry on with that,’ recalls Mohammed. ‘There was nothing else they could do at that time.’

From the age of 6 to 11, Mohammed was in and out of hospital but his situation made it hard for him to fit in at school after news of his accident spread.

‘I never used to associate myself with girls because I knew if I took the next step it’s going to come back and slap me in the face,’ confides Mohammed. ‘I avoided girls entirely just because I didn’t want to put myself in that situation.’

Mohammed threw himself into his work in a convenience store, but as time passed he longed for a normal life.

‘I think I was about 31 or 32 and went to the doctors again and said, “I’m desperate, I need some kind of help, you need to try and help me. I’m ready to see the world out there.”

‘It wasn’t until I was about 37 that I got a letter out of the blue from a hospital which I had attended saying that they thought they could help me.’

Three years ago Mohammed had the life-changing surgery to create his penis, which was constructed using skin from his forearm.

Mohammed recalls: ‘First thing the doctor said was, “You’ve got a big arm, so we’ll be able to make you a big penis”, so from there I just left it to him and I’m quite happy with what I’ve got.’

Mohammed’s ninth and final operation was completed last July and now he has an implant that allows him to have erections at the touch of a button.

His new member was made using a graft of his arm, two rubber tubes and a reservoir of resin to pump into the penis – and he has full feeling in his new organ.

Mohammed operates his penis by pushing a button on his testicles to inflate and another one to deflate.

His testosterone is now operating at a normal level and doctors believe he will be able to have children.

Mr Nim Christopher, the consultant urologist who built Mohammed’s penis, says: ‘The penis itself was actually made from the skin and fat from the forearm rolled up into a roll with a tube in the middle like a sausage roll.

‘It will stay up as long as he wants and then when he’s had enough he switches the off button.’

Surgery has given Mohammed a chance to live life to the full

Surgery has given Mohammed a chance to live life to the full

Now Mohammed plans to meet sex worker, Charlotte Rose.

‘I’ve waited so long for this that I don’t want to waste any more time,’ says Mohammed. ‘I feel like my life is finally starting and I plan to live it to the fullest.’

Charlotte, 35, from London, is volunteering her expertise – and her body – free of charge to help Mohammed finally lose his virginity and ‘become a man’.

Mohammed plans to lose his virginity with sex expert Charlotte Rose

Mohammed plans to lose his virginity with sex expert Charlotte Rose

Charlotte, a single mum to two teenage children, says: ‘I’ve slept with well over 1,000 men but never have I come across a bionic penis.

‘I specialise in disabled clients and I plan to make it a special experience for Mohammed in a hotel with nice music and a beautiful ambience.

‘I’m absolutely honoured and very excited, and I hope it will be a memorable experience for both of us.’