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This graffiti artist has a very unusual assistant in the form of her 10-year-old daughter Lola.

Binty Bint, an anonymous graffiti artist, first took started experimenting with graffiti when she was just a little older than Lola.

Binty explains, ‘when I painted when I was younger at school I think I was more into vandalism than art.’

‘I didn’t have quite the respect that I’ve matured to now.’

‘I like to keep my identity anonymous because I don’t really think the art is about me – it’s about the art. I don’t really think you need to know what I look like and what I get up to and all that jazz’,

Unlike other graffiti artists that are politically motivated, Binty has a far more unique style when it comes to creating her artwork.

‘I didn’t want to do letters, because everyone does letters, and I don’t like letters that you can’t read. So I thought do something that my children would see and it would make them smile,’ she explains.

‘So I drew a chicken one night and Lola came down the next morning, she must have been around 4, and said, ‘I like your chicken in wellies!’ And I thought, if she likes the chicken and she knows what it is that will do me!’


Now, Binty’s signature colourful chickens can be found decorating dustbins, garages, houses and even nurseries around the UK, thanks to the help of her special assistant.

Ever since she was little, Lola has been painting with her artist mum and the pair spend hours practicing graffiti on their garden wall.

Binty says, ‘it’s lovely because I get to spend time with Lola and we create something beautiful together.’

Lola adds, ‘I really like when she does abandoned places, because it’s sort of hidden away and it’s not that the whole world gets to see it. But if you go there and see it, it means you’re one of the people who experience her art work.’

So, what kind of message does Binty want to send with her work?

She explains, ‘I like to think it’s family friendly! I don’t want to offend anyone. There’s no hidden message, there’s no politics – it’s just a chicken! I think you should make of it what you want to make of it.’

‘It’s just a happy chicken because everyone loves chickens don’t they?!’

Watch the video above to see more of Binty Bint and Lola in action.