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Mbah Bejan is 68 years old, but the grandfather of 16 has all of the agility and poise of a gymnast.

Bendy OAP Mhab is so flexible that he can even fold his body in two and squeeze into a pipe just 50cm in diameter!

Mbah is sitting comfortably

Mbah is sitting comfortably

Other incredible positions include ‘the roasted chicken’, where he lies on his back, swivels his knees through 180 degrees and places his feet flat on his stomach; and the cobra, in which he lies face down and presses his calves to his side.

Super-stretchy Mbah, from Indonesia, doesn’t have a known medical condition and discovered his strange bendiness as an 11-year-old whilst fishing with friends.

He had accidentally pierced his foot with a thorn on the river bank and twisted his leg to his mouth at an impossible angle.

His friends couldn’t believe what they saw – and assumed he’d injured himself quite badly.

It took them quite a while to realise not only that Mbah was unharmed, but that he also had a unique talent.

Another mind-boggling pose from Mbah

Another mind-boggling pose from Mbah

Mbah, who has 12 children, recalls, ‘I unconsciously twisted my leg to check my feet. My friends were asking what was wrong with me.

‘They were asking how I could twist my leg like that. I replied “What do you mean?” And my friend explained that the soles of my feet were up towards my face.’

Mbah started showing off his talents in public when he was in his 20s, and made a living from his unbelievable physical feats.

Easy does it for the Indonesian OAP

Easy does it for the Indonesian OAP

Even now the pensioner is able to tuck both his feet under his chin – and claims that he doesn’t feel any pain in his legs.

Although he retired from showbusiness in 2001, Mbah is still a celebrity in his home province, and is more than happy to perform his tricks for anyone who asks him.