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Blogger Michaela Davert is causing quite a stir on YouTube!

The 18-year-old, who measures just 2ft 6in in height, suffers from a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which means her bones can break as easily as a piece of chalk.

But brittle bones isn’t going to stop Michaela from keeping her 30,000 YouTube subscribers up to date with her beauty and fashion blogs. Instead, she hopes to use her platform to encourage other women to embrace their differences.

She explains, ‘my channel FunsizedStyle is mainly about make-up and fashion – kind of just accepting what you naturally look like.’

‘You see a lot of girls on the Internet and in magazines and how you ‘should’ look and I want to try and change that by making these videos and telling girls you are beautiful just the way that you naturally look.’

‘It’s fun to put on make-up, get all glammed up and put on a nice outfit – I absolutely love it.’

‘I can use my passion and help open the doors for people with disabilities.’


During her childhood Michaela found herself in and out of hospital, something which made forming friendships all the more difficult throughout her tricky teenage years.

She explains, ‘I’ve had probably 90 fractures within my lifetime and about 25 surgeries.’

‘When I was younger I broke really easily. I think though that people were afraid to even go near me.’

‘As I’ve gotten older my bones have gotten stronger which helps but overall my bones are still really fragile.’

‘My high school was very cliquey, as most high schools are, but it was extremely hard for me to make friends sometimes.’

‘I’m kind of glad that chapter of my life is over.’

Now, thanks to her positive attitude and supportive family, Michaela is using her condition to inspire others.

Michaela with her parents

She says, ‘don’t let your medical condition or disability be the excuse or stand in the way. You might have to do things differently than ‘normal’ people do but that’s OK.’

‘There have been people who told me that I would never stand up, I would never go to school – some doctors told me I should never have been born. So I’m exceeding all kinds of limitations already. So if there’s something that you want to accomplish in this world then definitely go for it.’


To see more of Michaela watch the video above and don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel FunSized Style.