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4-year-old Bayzid from Bangladesh suffers from an unusual undiagnosed medical condition, which makes him look more like an old man than a little boy.

His parents first realised that something was wrong with Bayzid as soon as he was born. He was very weak, and they’ve been trying desperately to find a diagnosis for his mystery condition ever since.

It’s not just his appearance and sagging skin that has been affected by the condition, and his health suffers too.


‘Bayzid’s health is not stable these days, at times he falls sick. Sometimes he has issues with his blood pressure, so on a daily basis Bayzid feels the effects of his condition.’

‘Bayzid’s liver and kidneys have not functioned well since he was born, and because of this he has issues urinating, so we take him to Morga hospital and get his treatment done.’

Thankfully, doctors have recently found a medication that they believe will help to ease his symptoms. Although it’s not all good news, as with no outside help or funding, Bayzid’s parents are unsure whether they will be able to cover the cost of his treatment.

‘I always feel bad that I’m unable to bear the cost of Bayzid’s medication.’

Despite his condition, Bayzid is a lively, happy little boy.

‘Every day Bayzid brushes his teeth alone, takes a bath, and eats food by himself.’


‘Sometimes he plays alone or with his cousins or neighbours. He does whatever makes him happy.’

Although he is often met with stares when his parents take him into town, luckily Bayzid is too young to understand that he looks different from other children.

His family still hopes to one day find a diagnosis and cure for his condition, so their brave little boy can live a normal and happy life.

‘I believe that my son’s treatment is possible and I will try all of the options to get him cured so that one day I can see him living like everyone else.’