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A 50-year-old man had become a local celebrity thanks to his tiny stature.

Basori Lal Yadav from Madhya Pradresh in India is only 29 inches tall, but his height means that he has become a hero in his village.

It wasn’t until Basori was 5-years-old that his family first noticed that something was wrong with his growth, as he was much smaller than his peers.

His uncle, Gopi Lal explains, ‘nobody was able to take him to a doctor. We are poor people – where would I take him? We would like some kind of help for him so he’s able to look after himself.’

‘What can I do? I am a labourer – where would I go? If only we could get some help from the government.’

Sadly, because of their financial struggles, Basori’s family have never been able to afford to take him to hospital. As a result, Basori has never been formally examined or diagnosed by a specialist.

Local doctor, Dr J.D. Majumar, explains, ‘I have know him for a long time. I treat him when he has minor illnesses.’


‘Basori Lal is a man living with short height. So, it is necessary to get him examined by a specialist doctor. So I have given this advice to his family members.’

‘Perhaps if proper treatment would have been given from the beginning his height might have increased.’

Despite his small frame, Basori is well looked after and loved by everyone in his family and close-knit village.

His nephew Ram Lal sweetly says, ‘He is always nice with everyone in the village. He’s happy. He loves us a lot and we love him too.’

‘I also respect him a lot and feel happy with him.’

And Basori, who lives with his brother, couldn’t be happier with his life!

He says, ‘I don’t want to get married. I want to work like I am doing right now. I always want to live with my brother.’

‘I need a glass of whiskey before I go to sleep. That’s my way of celebration.’

We’ll raise a glass to that!

Watch the video above to see what daily life is like for Basori.