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Known as ‘The Barbie Man’, 41-year-old Stanley Colorite has been collecting the iconic dolls for 16 years through yard sales and various websites, and his collection is estimated to be worth a whopping $80,000.

The dolls line the walls of four whole rooms in what Stanley refers to as his ‘museum’.

‘People walk into my museum and their jaws just drop!’ he grins.

Stanley shows off the 1992 ‘Happy Holiday’ Barbie, the first he ever bought, as well as the ‘Pink Splendour’, which is currently the most expensive of the lot at $975.

He also possesses Barbie-branded planes, cars, outfits and a gigantic dream house worth $1,000. The video even reveals a bottle of Barbie mouthwash!

‘It’s like a drug habit – you just can’t quit!’ laughs Stanley.

After meeting his boyfriend Dennis in 2000, Stanley insisted that they visit a Barbie convention together. Surprisingly enough Dennis enjoyed himself so much that he took a leaf out of his partner’s book, and now owns a 1,000-strong collection of Ken dolls!

Despite the awesome size of his museum, Stanley still plans to add more.

‘I would never stop collecting, I’ll just go until I run out of rooms!’


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