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A desperate mum is hoping her baby boy will be able to have lifesaving surgery after his head swelled to two times it’s natural size.

Mohammad Hasan was born a healthy baby boy, but his 19-year-old mum Sharmin Akter realised there was something very wrong when he was just 16 days old.

She explains, ‘Within 16 to 18 days of my child’s birth his head size began to enlarge.’

‘After that we took him to the local doctor in our village but due to our financial condition we were not able to take him to any good doctor.’

Heartbreakingly, things then took a further turn for the worst for Sharmin as her husband left her, blaming her for Mohammad’s condition. As a result, she moved back in with her father.

After months of worry, a local journalist covered Mohammad’s story, and thankfully as a result the toddler was referred to the National Institute of Neurosciences Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Now, aged 18-months Mohammad’s head has a circumference of 69cm and doctors have diagnosed him with hydrocephalus.

The condition is sometimes known as ‘water on the brain’ and is caused by a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid protects the brain, removes waste products and provides nutrients. The brain produces about a pint of this fluid every single day but if it does not drain properly it places great pressure on the brain.

This is incredibly dangerous for young children as their skulls haven’t yet fully hardened and fused, causing extreme swelling. There are a number of long term complications associated with hydrocephalus and if left untreated it can even cause death.

Mohammad is now under the care of Doctor Sheik Mohammad Ekramullah, the associate professor and head of peadiatric neurosurgery at the hospital. So far, he has treated over 80 children with hydrocephalus, which gives great hope to worried mum Sharmin.

She says, ‘I want to see a cure for my son. He is my last hope.’