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Whilst most 4-year-olds are more than happy to play with toy motorbikes, this little daredevil is already riding one!

Tima Kuleshov from Kiev, Ukraine started riding a bicycle before he was 2-years-old and just a few short months later, aged 2 and a half – he graduated to riding his very first mini motorbike!

By the time this brave tot was 3 and a half he was taking part in children’s motorbike competitions up and down Russia, as his proud parents say that Tima has no competitors in his native Ukraine.

Tima’s dad Alexander explains, ‘Tima went on a bicycle for the first time at one year 11 months, only at this age was he able to get to the pedals. At one year we gave him a Strider balance bike.’

‘He loves speed and attention, just like every child, but he does not brag to anyone, Tima does not even say that he is a motorcyclist.’


‘He started participating from one year in bicycle competitions and often takes first place. In Ukraine, Tima does not have competitors, it’s a great pity.’

Tima’s fastest motorcycle in his collection can reach speeds of up to 45mph, something that his parents admit does worry them. But, with his other hobbies including skiing and trampolining fearless Tima clearly has a taste for speed and danger.

Dad Alexander says, ‘yes, we are worried that he is riding a motorcycle, but in this life a bad thing can happen regardless of who you are or what you are doing!’

Make sure you watch the video above to see Tima in action – you won’t regret it!