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M. Narahari is not your average artist!

For the past 22 years, M. Narahari from Hyderabad in India has been building a collection of his own fingernails.

Once each nail is grown to a certain length he removes it, paints it with an intricate design or portrait and puts it on display.

He explains, ‘my dad is an artist and so is my brother. I got inspired by them and got into painting.’

‘When I was in college, I noticed my brother grow two of his fingernails as a fashion statement so I started growing my nails as well. And while I was pursuing my Bachelors in Fine Arts, I saw that people were painting on different surfaces, from canvases to egg shells.’

‘I wanted to do something different and so thought of my nails.’

Now, M. Narahari has collected 100 of his nails, and painted pictures on 85 of them, earning him a coveted place in the India Book of Records!


Most of his nail paintings are miniature portraits of famous figures such as Michael Jackson and Mother Theresa, but M. Narahari also paints national flags and monuments on his talons.

He explains, ‘everyone who sees this art gets a bit of a shock! These are all my own nails – I’ve never used anybody else’s. No one else would have that patience because growing your nails this long can take a long time, usually up to a year and a half.’

Alongside creating his own very unique pieces, M. Narahari also teaches art at a private school. Unsurprisingly, his students are mesmerised by his designs, and some even hope to follow in his footsteps.

M. Narahari explains, ‘Since I started growing and painting my nails I have been able to achieve a lot. People treat me like a celebrity just because there is no one else doing this kind of art.’

‘My art shocks people. There is no one else doing this. And I feel good about all the appreciation that I get.

‘Hard work is compulsory. Only then success will follow.’

Watch the video above to see more of this very unusual art form!