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If you’re into superheroes and comics, then you will love the body art of the incredibly talented Kay Pike.

Kay, 28, from Calgary in Canada, brings superheroes to life using just make-up and body paint, transforming herself into the likes of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

Kay poses as Rogue from X-Man

Kay poses as Rogue from X-Man

Each transformation can take up to 40 hours – from initial sketches to live-streaming on YouTube. But Kay says she likes a challenge. ‘I’m not in this because it’s easy,’ she explains. ‘I’m in it because it’s challenging and fun and interactive.

‘I love beautiful art, I love beautiful comic art,’ continues Kay. ‘One reason why I want to do pop culture characters is because I like the human connection.’

Kay's body art really is super!

Kay’s body art really is super!

Kay starts by sketching small lines on her body to slowly build up the character, then adds colour. ‘That’s when things get fun,’ she says. Next she uses black and white inks to make the work stand out and create a realistic comic-book look.

After 10 to 14 hours’ painting – live streamed to thousands of fans – she has the finished product. At which point it’s time for a photo shoot before showering away her creation.

This time it's Captain Planet

This time it’s Captain Planet

‘The reaction to this has been pretty wild,’ says Kay of her online followers. ‘It’s a cool, positive hangout space for people… The most important thing is people are telling me that I’m helping them rediscover their art again… Every single paint has a story. Every single brushstroke comes in between me talking with someone and that’s what I remember. I’m someone with a big heart that wants to paint and connect with humans.’