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20-year-old Alyssa Ramos lives a jet set lifestyle – but she doesn’t pay for a thing!

Instead of holidaying with friends, the travel-loving model meets older men on who pay for her to go away with them, in return for the pleasure of her company.

She explains, ‘I was always interested in older guys and I’ve always wanted to travel too so it’s like a win-win.’


‘I’ve never been able to go to any exotic, hot locations that I’ve always wanted. I love tropical but I could never do it. Now I get it with a the snap of my finger.’

‘I’ve been to a lot of places. I’ve been to Cancun, London, Ibiza, Las Vegas twice, Miami, Arizona and I’m going to Dubai soon.’

But lingerie and bikini model Alyssa is the first to admit that she’s not really in it for the romance.

‘I definitely do it more for the travel but meeting the guys is really fun too.’


Despite her older dates paying for her flights, accommodation and all other expenses during the trip, Alyssa is keen to state that she believes escorting is very different from prostitution.

‘It’s not prostitution at all. It’s completely different. You’re not sleeping with anybody you’re going out to dinner and having a good time.’


‘I have never slept with any of my dates.’

And it’s not just expenses that Alyssa gets for her dates and holidays! She has been paid a whopping $1,000 just to go to dinner with an older man, and is often lavished with expensive gifts during her trips.

‘Getting everything paid for feels pretty good, I’ve gotta say. I’m the kind of person that’s thankful for what they get no matter what it is. Like if I don’t get the exact piece of jewellery or something that I want, as long as I get something nice.’


With the opportunity for more travelling, Alyssa is showing no signs of hanging up her suitcase anytime soon! Watch the video to see how her latest trip with LA-based lawyer Oliver Wright went…