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Aliia Nasyrova is a real life Rapunzel!

The 27-year-old from Latvia has been growing her hair for over 20 years, and its now over an incredible 90 inches long.

Aliia explains, ‘I started to grow my hair because since childhood I liked long hair very much and I was always attracted by long-haired heroines from fairytales.’

‘Thanks to my mother I have grown my hair this long – she helped me a lot.’

Caring for her hair doesn’t cost Aliia much money as she is often sent a lot of free products, but it does take her a long time! She washes her hair just once a week, as it takes about 20 minutes to wash, followed by an entire day to dry as she refuses to use a hairdryer.

This time-consuming hair regime is something that her husband Ivan Balaban has grown used to during their relationship.


He explains, ‘when we are going away somewhere we always plan the entire day for it since we understand that otherwise we will lose one day from our vacation. We won’t be able to go out.’

And because Aliia’s hair is now longer than her height, she tends wears it in a braid weighing more than 2 kilos – causing even more problems for Ivan!

He says, ‘For us the braid is like one more family member and it has more space in the bed than I have!’

‘I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit, if it is OK with it!’

Instead of visiting a salon to maintain her flowing locks, Aliia cuts her hair herself once a month to get rid of split ends.

But despite all of this effort and upkeep, Aliia loves her long locks and has no plans to cut them into a shorter style anytime soon!

She says, ‘some people express their admiration when they see me on the street and some people don’t like it.’

‘My family have got used to the length of my hair. And my friends, some of them make fun of me but they still admire it!’