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Abu Zarin Hussin has a job that would leave most people in a cold sweat.

The 32-year-old from Temerloh, Malaysia works as a snake handler, meaning that he spends most of his time hanging out with his three venomous King Cobras – each of which are 14ft in length.

He explains, ‘I have three King Cobras that are named King, Chip and Cik Din.’

And Abu is not the first member of his family to love the company of these scaly reptiles.

Abu says, ‘my interest in snakes probably came from my father because my father was involved in putting on snake shows. He also caught snakes.’

Having been inspired by his father’s passion for reptiles, Abu was keen to find a job that meant he could spend as much time with the slippery creatures as possible.

He says, ‘I usually run courses for the firemen on ways to catch and tame snakes at the Fire Department Training Centre and give awareness briefings to the public about the dangers of snakes.’

‘From my experience with snakes, not that I want to brag, but I’ve never felt scared in any situation.’


Despite claiming not to be afraid of snakes, Abu does have first hand experience of just how dangerous they can be.

He explains, ‘I’ve been bitten 8 times. The worst would have to be the 8th time. At the time I was washing one of the snakes I’d just caught.’

‘I did not realise that the snake was bleeding from its head. I also tried touching the wound on it’s head and it bit me right away.’

‘It took 10 seconds for the snake to let go of me.’

‘The pain from a snake bite is very severe, to the point that you can’t even describe it.’

Horrifically, the swelling from the snake bite was so bad that doctors were left with no choice but to cut Abu’s arms open to help relieve the pressure it was placing on his nerves and blood flow.

Abu says, ‘on the way to the hospital bubbles started coming out of my mouth and a few moments later I was unconscious.’

‘After being in a coma for 2 days I woke up.’

‘I am considered lucky to be alive.’

This horrific ordeal would be enough to put most people off snakes for life, but not Abu! He insists that if anything, his near-death experience has inspired him to spend more time with snakes.

He says, ‘even though I’ve been bitten by snakes many times, I’ve never felt afraid or thought of giving up. Instead, I’m motivated to learn more about snakes.’

‘I don’t care if people call me crazy or stupid. I know what I’m doing.’

Watch the video above to see Abu get up close and personal with his slippery pals!